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High school is a critical time in a persons life.  It is the point in life that many teenagers create deep bonds with each other and develop a great understanding about who they are and the world around them.  Some teenagers, continue this transitional stage a bit later in life when they become college students.  Nonetheless, this is a continued progression that starts in high school.

Did Your Know:

The teenage years are a point in life that children start to become adults.  They start to have romantic relationships, they often times learn what it is like to work and earn a paycheck, and become of many of the positive and negative aspects of the adult world.  Teenagers often times take a few years to find their identities and high schools offer a fertile ground for them to do so.  While a person's education is critical to their development, the social environment that high schools provide is equally important to a teenager finding their way and place in the world.  High school classes and the school environment in provide us with a great basis with which we us to approach the world as young adults.

High School Alumni

High School Alumni are graduates of the high school.  High School alumni were each others’ highschool friendss, friends, foes, and teammates throughout the social, yet awkward and self-conscious years of high school.  They share a connection to shared experiences, whether it was on the football field, in the classroom, or at a party.  High School alumni have a special connection that is hard to find anywhere else.  While High School alumni sometimes stay friends and well-connected, most High School alumni don’t get the chance to reunite with former highschool friendss until a High School reunion.  There, the High School alumni have the chance to reconnect with old friends, to reminisce about their times together in high school, and to catch up on each others’ lives.  Whether it has been five years or fifty years, a reunion allows for High School Alumni to reflect on their awkward years together.  High School alumni can often feel competitive at a reunion, and the pressure to show of one’s successes and accomplishments may lead many High School alumni to embellish or exaggerate their stories, lives, and career.  In fact, a reunion of High School alumni may not be terribly different than the social, yet self-conscious and competitive days of high school itself.

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High School Class Reunions

High School Class Reunions are an event during which former high school highschool friendss get together to celebrate the anniversary of their high school graduation.  High School class reunions are often held close to, or on, the exact date of their graduation and near their former high school.   High School class reunions are often organized by a representative from the class, or a High School class reunions planner can be hired.  High School class reunions often involve socializing, drinking, slide-shows, and awards.  The awards at High School class reunions are often given to alumni who, for example, are the best dressed, the most popular, or have the most kids.  High School class reunions can be a wonderful time to reunite with old friends, highschool friendss, and teammates.  At High School class reunions, one will often find former friends
reminiscing about awkward first dates, the strict math teacher, or the disaster party senior year.  High School class reunions can be both anticipated and dreaded; High School class reunions can be quite stressful for many attendees.   Alumni want to arrive at High School class reunions with the confidence to brag about their successes since graduation.   Former highschool friendss often use High School class reunions are an opportunity to display their accomplishments, even if that means embellishing about their successes in life and at work.  In the end, High School class reunions can be a fascinating event, giving former highschool friendss the chance to relive the social yet competitive, self-conscious years of adolescence.

High School Reunion

A high school reunion is when former students of a high school graduating class reunite on, or close to, the anniversary of their high school graduation.  Often the entire class is invited to the high school reunion, as well as former teachers, coaches, and other advisors.  A representative from the class will often contact and send out invites for the upcoming high school reunion.  A high school reunion is a time to reminisce; whether it has been 5, 15, or 25 years since graduation, a high school reunion allows former highschool friendss and peers to laugh, cry, and cringe about those awkward teenage years.  Whether it’s joking about high school pranks, the winning touchdown, or a first kiss, a high school reunion can bring back great memories of both the good times and the bad times.  Alumni are often quite anxious about an impending high school reunion. There is a lot of pressure at a high school reunion to display one’s laurels.  Former friends and foes are given the opportunity to show off their accomplishments at a high school reunion.  During a high school reunion, alumni often brag about success in a career, a family, or well-kept good looks, even if it means embellishing their own lives and histories.   Even years after graduation, there is still plenty of competition for the best, worst, and most successful at a high school reunion.  

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High School Reunions

High school reunions are events during which former highschool friendss reunite to celebrate the anniversary of their high school graduation.  A highschool friends rep will often take the duty of tracking down and inviting all members of the graduating class to the high school reunions.  High school reunions often involve socializing, drinking, eating, and watching slide-shows.  From prom dates to the championship game, high school reunions are a terrific opportunity for former friends, peers, and teammates to reminisce about their high school experiences.  High school reunions are often held close to the graduation anniversary date and near the highschool friendss’ high school.  Whether it has been five, fifteen, or fifty years, high school reunions are both anticipated and dreaded.  High school reunions are a time to compare yourself to how far, or little, your
fellow alumni have come since graduation.  Many alumni use the opportunity of high school reunions to parade their successes to former friends and enemies by displaying photos of children, wearing an expensive new outfit, or embellishing accomplishments at work.  While high school reunions can be fun and nostalgic, they can also be a lot of pressure.   Additionally, many high school reunions have awards handed out to the most popular, successful, or farthest traveled highschool friends.  No pressure.


Reunions are events during which members of a shared collective reunite.  Members of the groups will track down and invite their peers for the reunions.  Reunions can be formal or informal gatherings.  Reunions can celebrate the anniversary of a high school graduation, the annual coming together of a family, or the gathering of a group of friends who haven’t seen each other since their last camping trip.  Reunions are usually social experiences that involve drinking, eating, slide-shows, and even awards.  At high school reunions, former highschool friendss gather to reminisce about their shared experiences together in high school and to catch up on their current lives and accomplishments.  While reunions can be fun and nostalgic, high school reunions can sometimes make the attendees self-conscious and competitive.  Family reunions
are often annual events held to keep extended members of a family in touch with each other.  Sometimes held on the same date each year, family reunions are a time for relatives to share family stories, play games, and eat delicious food.  Often family reunions will involve traditions, such as recreational activities, t-shirts, or themes.  Whether the reunions are formal, informal, or impromptu, reunions are a wonderful time to get together with old friends, highschool friendss, or relatives and reflect on your time shared together.

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Social networking sites have exploded in recent years. has recently touted itself as the 6th most popular social networking site online today.  With over 700 million profiles and 28 million registered users, seems to be one of the largest networking sites for adults. was created in 2002 when its founder met his wife at a high school reunion.  Today, claims to be the number one site for a “people search.”  It’s committed to “helping people search, find, and keep in touch.”  

Using requires registration.  Once registered, has two types of user profiles.  The free profile allows members to create a profile, post photos, blog, and conduct limited searches.  Paying members have all of the services of a free membership, in addition to sending messages to members, using the site’s reunion planning tools, and seeing who has searched for their name/profile.  The site sets itself apart from other social networking sites with its “reverse search,” which shows paying members who has been searching for them.  While originally started to help former highschool friendss and friends plan a reunion, or reconnect, the has expanded to connect people with alumni,
relatives, and colleagues.  

High School Search

Like many people these days, you may feel a yearning to get in touch with old friends and teammates
from high school. Fortunately, the internet has made finding people easier than ever. There are a number of ways to conduct your high school highschool search. We’ve listed a few tips to help make your high school highschool friends search as efficient and successful as possible.

There are generally two categories of people who are conducting a high school highschool friends search: those
browsing for any recognizable names, or those looking for someone specific. If you’re looking for a specific highschool friends, try to identify as much information about him or her as possible. A name, age, graduation year, alma mater, and even birthday will help narrow down your high school highschool friends search results. The first place to start your high school highschool search? Try a search with his or her nickname, full name, or quotation marks around the name. If your high school highschool search doesn’t produce any accurate results in Google, then it’s time to start testing highschool friends search sites. There are a number of free sites, including social networking sites, which you may find useful. However, the larger, membership-only sites attract a lot of users, and thus are more likely to produce results from their broad user database. If neither option works, the next best place to take your high school highschool friends search is to your alumni association. Your alumni association does its best to keep track of former students’ contact information. Plus, the association may be able to provide you with information on any upcoming highschool reunions!

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