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Rock & Roll High School 1979

Rock & Roll High School (1979) follows the story of a high school full of students who only
care about one thing: Rock & roll.  Student grades are constantly low, athletic teams are
always defeated, and all the school principles are suffering nervous breakdowns and quitting.  

Riff Randall (P.J. Soles), a spunky, blonde, cheerleader, is one of the most rebellious students at the school and one of the biggest fans of the band, the Ramones.  In Rock & Roll High School, Riff’s dream is to show the band a song she wrote.  However, when a new, strict principle forbids rock & roll at the school, Riff, along with her high school class friends, and the Ramones themselves, must stand up for their love of rock & roll.  

Perhaps trying to follow in the success of films from The Beatles, Rock & Roll High School
(1979) manages to provide a campy enjoyable film with a host of cliché characters.  The explosive finale and giant talk mouse can come across as a bit cartoonish and low-budget.

In fact, some of the audio and dialogue in Rock & Roll High School (1979) is difficult to hear and understand.   While the band’s cameo feels, at times, awkward and forced, any Ramones fan is sure to enjoy the Rock & Roll High School (1979) soundtrack.  While the majority of the film’s comedy rests on farce and cliché, Rock & Roll High School (1979) is ultimately a fun, good-hearted musical tribute to the Ramones and rock & roll.  

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