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School Yearbook Picture

Your school yearbook picture may not seem like a big deal, but it’s going to be the image of how you will be remembered for years to come.  Plus, your parents and relatives probably want a wallet sized copy of your school yearbook picture to show off to friends.  Here are some tips on how to get the best school yearbook picture possible.  First, get a haircut roughly two weeks before picture day.  Two weeks gives you enough time to assess your cut, get used to it, and learn how to style it naturally.  Next, pick out a few outfits.  Dark, solid colors work best.  You want to draw attention to your face in your school yearbook picture, not the intricate pattern on your shirt.

Once you have your “look” set, you can practice smiling.  It sounds silly, but practicing a smile will make you feel more comfortable and will help get you the best school yearbook picture.  Stand in front of the mirror and practice smiles:  Happy, natural, left side, right side, chin up, chin down.  Think of something funny to help you get a more natural grin.  You want your school yearbook picture to look professional and clean, but you also want to be yourself.  In addition to your hair style, wear clothes and jewelry that reflect your personality.

Elementary School Pictures

Whether you know it or not, elementary school pictures can become treasured objects in your household.  Do you remember your elementary school pictures?  It felt like no big deal, but your parents loved every photo you brought back.  If you want to get the best deal and photo out of your child’s elementary school pictures, here are a few tips.  The first is to pick out an outfit.  Pick something that matches his or her personality but that is still neat, pressed, and clean.  Next, practice smiling.  You want your son or daughter to be comfortable in their elementary school pictures.  Tell them what to expect and you can help them practice sitting up straight and smiling with all of their teeth, even if they have a few gaps.  Two weeks prior to the elementary school pictures, have your child get a hair cut.  Two weeks will allow it to grow out into a more natural cut. 

When you order your set of elementary school pictures, keep in mind who in your family is going to want copies.  Always make sure you have enough wallet sized photos to send to your relatives.  If this is your kid’s first elementary school picture, you can think about starting a collection from kindergarten through twelfth grade!  Make sure to order a larger size which you can frame and hang on the wall or set on the mantle. 

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